Marlin Dark 1895 45-70 Govt

Marlin Dark 1895 45-70 Govt

Posted by Ranger Point Team on Sep 21st 2021

RPP Custom Marlin 1895 45-70 Govt (JM)

  • Barrel cut to 16.50” and threaded with a Comet Brake installed
  • All Metal Salt Bath Black Nitride coated for durable finish and slick bore
  • Ranger Point Polymer Butt Stock "Black on Black Topo" Cerakote
  • Ranger Point M-LOK Forearm "Black on Black Topo" Cerakote
  • Ranger Point M-LOK Six Cartridge Quiver 45-70 Govt (ammo not included)
  • Ranger Point stainless steel quick detach lever screw and butt stock takedown screw
  • Ranger Point Performance trigger and loading gate
  • Ranger Point Medium loop lever
  • Ranger Point Rhino scope mount rail and hammer extension

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effective range of a Marlin 45-70?

If you're using it for hunting, then you'll likely want to stay within 150 yards or so in order to ensure a clean kill. But if you're just shooting targets at the range, then you could easily extend that out to 300 yards or more. A lot of it ultimately comes down to the purpose of shooting.

How many rounds does a Marlin 1895 45-70 hold?

Lever action rifles typically have tubular magazines which can hold anywhere from 4-10 rounds depending on the gun. The Marlin 1895 45-70 comes with an 18” long barrel and mag tube which can hold 4-rounds.

Who makes a 45-70 lever-action rifle?

There are several companies that manufacture 45-70 lever-action rifles, including Marlin, Henry, and Winchester, to name a few.