Our Story



Located in the Houston area in Cypress, TX, Ranger Point Precision (RPP) is the leading innovator and manufacturer of quality aftermarket lever-action rifle parts. Every part is made to our highest quality standards right here in the USA and shipped across the country and around the world. Ranger Point is proud to be a part of the Second Amendment (2A) community and the American manufacturing industry.

In 2013, owners Adam and Kimberly Devine started Ranger Point Precision LLC because they had a passion for lever-action rifles. Adam and his team of skilled gunsmiths built high-end, custom Marlin lever-action rifles. That experience informed the company’s thinking about the best ways to design and make parts to increase the performance and functionality of lever action rifles. Additionally, we listen to what our customers want for their rifles and add those ideas to our R&D list (consumers and gunsmiths). 


All of our parts are manufactured in-house and we are proud to be a ‘Made in USA’ and 'Made in Texas' firearm parts manufacturer. We invest heavily in R&D to constantly design new performance parts for Henry Repeating Arms, Marlin Firearms, Winchester Repeating Arms, Rossi / Heritage / Citadel Levtac, Smith & Wesson, Hugtek / G-Force Arms lever-action rifles. All of our parts work with the newest rifles as well as are backwards compatible to work with rifles built as early as 1950. 

Our DIY-install parts cover all of the most important functions of a lever gun (always more in R&D!): medium loop levers for room and comfort; innovative extractors, trigger kits and loading gates for reliable, smoother actions; peep sights, fiber optic front sights, dovetail fillers and scope mounts for fast and clear target acquisition; M-LOK handguards, butt stocks and cartridge quivers for more flexibility and easy access to ammo; self-cleaning magazine followers and creative designed end caps; and more. 


When we started Ranger Point Precision as a garage-based lever gun custom shop, the lever action community was a sleepy place to be. The faithful were mostly mature men, hunters, ranchers and farmers, who’d long understood the value, grace, and utility of a lever action rifle for field work. We love those guys still. They are gentlemen steeped in American values and traditions, and they know their rifles well. 

But we have pushed their boundaries, because it has always been our goal to keep the lever action relevant, fun, and cool for a new generation of shooters who enjoy the looks, functionality and modularity of modern sporting rifles. From the earliest “tactical” RPP custom-built rifles (The LeveRecon) to the host of MLOK furniture and performance parts we offer today, Ranger Point has led the lever-action resurgence for more than a decade.

When we started, only a handful of gunsmiths serviced or customized leveraction rifles, but today we ship our DIY install parts to tens of thousands of customers and retailers, and more than 500 gunsmith / Cerakote applicators worldwide. Levergunners have lots of great choices. 

Naturally, our passion and success has inspired others to jump into our wake. But we are the biggest and most trusted brand in lever gun performance parts for plenty of reasons:

- We are the first and only manufacturer to take the lever gun aftermarket seriously. Our catalog contains over 600 SKUs just for lever addicts. We are THE lever gun experts.

- We are not Wally World. While we do want to have something for every enthusiast, we design, manufacture and coat every part to the highest standards right here in Texas, USA.

- We sell 85% of our products directly to consumers, so we don’t have to roll middleman fees into our pricing.

- During the past few years of hyper-inflation, RPP prices have remained the same or even gone down.

- We fight inflation through continuous process improvements, design improvements, and economy of scale. With dedicated machines running batches in the hundreds or thousands, we save time, and you save money.

- We pride ourselves on great customer service and support. If our DIY videos don’t get you through an install, you can talk to a live person who actually knows lever guns. With thousands of five star reviews, a no questions asked 30 Day return policy, and a great limited lifetime warranty, you can buy with confidence.

- Ranger Point is proud to be a part of the 2A community and proud to pay very competitive wages to almost three dozen American citizens.

At Ranger Point Precision, we love lever guns, and we love our customers. We look forward to being part of your lives during the decade to come.

Adam Devine, CEO, Ranger Point Precision