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About Us

Located in the Houston area in Cypress, TX, Ranger Point Precision (RPP) is a leading innovator and producer of performance firearms parts. All of our products are Made in Texas. Made in the USA.

The Ranger Point Precision Story

In 2013, owners Adam and Kimberly Devine started Ranger Point Precision LLC because they had a passion for lever-action rifles. Adam and his team of skilled gunsmiths built high-end, custom Marlin lever-action rifles. That experience, informed our thinking about ways to increase the performance and functionality of these cherished rifles. From there, Adam began designing parts for Marlin lever-action rifles and later added our Henry and Winchester rifle parts.

Before working on guns professionally, Adam studied mechanical engineering and was a master mechanic in the motorcycle and ATV industry operating in the San Francisco Bay Area and Houston, TX. He knew that when you work on sport bikes capable of extremely high speeds and racetrack performance, you sweat the details, knowing full well that a mistake on your part can hospitalize or kill or your client. He and the team approach Ranger Point's firearm and motorcycle parts design and manufacturing with the same attitude. There is no detail too small to ignore.

We listen to what our customers love about their builds and how we can help them improve their gun customizations and want to thank you for all of your input and requests for new parts. To answer those needs, we spend a lot of time on Research and Development, designing and bringing to market dozens of new performance parts every year. 

To keep up with demand, we moved to a much bigger facility in the Fall of 2020. We have also brought on many new team members along with a few new CNC machines to increase our capacity. We heard you, and we’re working hard every day to get parts back in stock. The response has been incredible. We have to use the ugly “out of stock” banner on our website less often, which was one of our main goals. The difference is now we can restock more quickly and keep more parts from going out of stock. This will also enable to continue bringing new products to market - keep an eye out. 

By no means have we relaxed at all on the quality and precision design of our parts. We’re very serious about the dependability of our parts and the safety concerns. We understand that one small mistake can seriously harm a person or worse. 

There’s no detail too small to ignore.

The quality of the products we make and your experience with us is our top priority. We feel honor-bound to give only our best to each and every one of you who come to us looking for quality American made firearms parts. We look forward to counting more of you among our good friends and thank you again for your business.