Why Marlin 1895 is the Best Lever Action Rifle

Why Marlin 1895 is the Best Lever Action Rifle

Posted by Ranger Point Team on May 6th 2022

What is a lever-action rifle?

If you are the person who always craves the good old days, hunting and shooting could be the best sporting option. All you need is a good choice of a lever-action rifle to complete the cowboy feel, and you are good to go.

However, there exists many models of these lever-action rifles, and thus there are a handful of things you should know and quite a number of factors to consider.

You will want, for instance, to understand what a lever-action really is, and what makes it different from other rifles. To give you a little insight - a lever-action rifle is a repeating firearm characterized by a manual cocking handle around its trigger guard. Its operational mechanism differs from other repeating firearms, such as a bolt action.

Let’s read ahead to understand what makes the Marlin 1895 rifle so popular and one of our lever-action top picks list. 

The Marlin 1895 model: History

Among the various models of lever-action rifles is the Marlin 1895 rifle model chambered in 45-70 government. A classic American version of the long gun that has stood the test of time as the best lever action of the Old West. The lever-action rifles have been around from as early as the 1800’s. The Marlin 1895, however, comes out as one fantastic rifle for hunting and sports activities. The first of these models was invented in 1893. Through a series of inventions and re-invention, Marlin came up with the 1895 model, which took the market with a sweep.

Tips to consider when buying a lever-action rifle

The best experience comes from having the best machine. Knowing what specifics are best for your ideal lever-action will help you get the most out of your sporting endeavors. Some of the main factors to consider when buying your next rifle accessories include the following:

1. Action 

There are various options when deciding on the suitable action for firearms such as lever-action, bolt-action, and single-shot. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, choosing according to your preferences and the intended use will definitely help you choose the best option. For most hunters and sport shooters, lever-actions are a favorable preference.

2. Fit 

You will need to choose a rifle that is comfortable in your grip. Your safety is critical when handling firearms, and, therefore, choosing one that balances in your grip is a thumbs up. Again, you do not need one that is too heavy nor do you need one that is too light that recoiling becomes an issue.

3. Barrel 

The barrel length is also a key factor to consider. Depending on the activity you intend to use your rifle in, the barrel length will significantly dictate the convenience.

4. The stock 

What makes the stock of your rifle is also important to consider. You do not need a machine that leaves telltale marks all over but rather one that is strong for rougher handling. Stocks can vary in make from wooden, aluminum, synthetics, plastic, and fiberglass.. In most cases, wood or aluminum are preferred for their ability to harbor moisture and stand rough handling.

Why the Marlin 1895 45-70 rifle is a top choice among lever-action rifles

Most of the Marlin 1895 reviews portray an all-awesome rifle that perfectly blends the old features into the present to suit the present-day sporting needs.

Some interesting accessories of the Marlin 1895 are:

1. Marlin M-LOK Handguard Rail 

The Ranger Point Precision  Marlin M-LOK Handguard Rail is a highly versatile accessory that adds incredible functionality and versatility to the trusted Marlin 1895. Because of its lightweight and durable design, this rail can safely withstand rigorous use on the range or in the field. Furthermore, it offers a number of practical advantages, including enhanced grip and improved accessibility for accessories like extra magazines and optics.

2. Marlin Peep Sights

The Ranger Point Precision Marlin receiver mounted Peep Sights are a great addition to the Marlin 1895 for several reasons. First, these sights offer unparalleled visibility, making it easy for users to aim and shoot with perfect accuracy. Additionally, the rugged construction of the Marlin 1895 peep sights ensures that they will last for years to come, regardless of how harsh the conditions may be.

3. Marlin Stainless Steel Loop Levers

Made from high-quality, durable stainless steel, these  Marlin 1895 loop levers from Ranger Point Precision are designed to stand up to even the toughest conditions. Whether you're out on a hunting expedition or simply putting in hours at the range, these levers will keep your Marlin 1895 working smoothly and flawlessly. And with their sleek design and crisp action, they'll add an extra bit of style and sophistication to your weapon of choice.

There are justifiable reasons why you need to consider trying out a Marlin 1895 lever-action, as witnessed from a number of Marlin 1895 reviews.

Some of its pros are: it has a good balance, mounting accessories are less daunting, Marlin 1895 sights are the best for reaction shooting, its finish is stainless and durable, it gives lots of ammo options, with an amazing appearance.

There are a few downsides to this rifle: The ammo is quite expensive, has a limited application, and is not well suited for petite-bodied people, not to mention its high recoil.

Wrapping up

Definitely, the 1895 Marlin rifle model is the go-to option for fun-loving people. Choosing the best Marlin rifles will guarantee you a fantastic experience of a lifetime. Although there are many options to choose from, the specific features of a Marlin 1895 and its functionality will always make you choose it repeatedly. The Marlin 1895 model, as one of the best Marlin rifles, guarantees you more fantastic moments, outweighing any disadvantage that there may be in using it. Knowing the intended use for your rifle and the specific features to look for will significantly help you choose the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Marlin 1895 rated for killing a T-REX?

If you have watched Chris Pratt in any of the Jurassic Park movies, well you’d think that it’s absolutely rated for killing a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Obviously, that’s just a movie and it’s not possible or necessary since the dinosaurs no longer roam the Earth. That said, many people have had success hunting big games with the Marlin 1895.

Which is better, 45-70 or 450 Marlin?

If you're looking for a hunting rifle, the 45-70 is a great choice. It's got enough power to take down a big game, but it's also relatively easy to handle. The 450 Marlin, on the other hand, is a bit more powerful and could be a better choice if you're hunting a very large game or planning to do some long-range shooting.

What is the biggest lever-action caliber?

The biggest caliber in a lever-action rifle from Marlin or Henry is typically going to be .45-70, which is a big bore round that packs a serious punch. There are also some boutique rifle makers that chamber their lever-action rifles in larger cartridges, but they're not as common because they tend to be more than most shooters need.