When Hollywood Misses the Target

When Hollywood Misses the Target

Posted by Ranger Point Team on Aug 19th 2021


We've all watched movies and tv shows, only to groan or laugh at the gun mistakes.

Heroes and villains have an endless stream of ammo without having to reload, no one suffers hearing loss during gunfights, and there’s no recoil.

Hollywood’s mistakes

Check out these six moments in entertainment when Hollywood thought we weren’t paying attention.

Movie Time Travelers:
The Winchesters used in "The Searchers" were actually from the mid-1870s, even though the scenes take place during 1868.

The disappearing gun trick:
In "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," the machine gun and windscreen on the amphibious vehicle disappear and reappear between shots during the jungle chase scene.

Ammo always comes back!
During the GunSmoke episode: The Hide Cutters, Matt Dillon reloads his gun during a gunfight, yet after the gunfight, none of the bullets on his gun belt are missing.

Humans are stronger in movies.
The men on "Walking Dead" evidently have superhuman strength to carry a big bag of guns and ammo and toss them into the trunk one-handed.

No damage from gunfire.
In "John Wick," we see a gunfight with 500 or 1000 rounds, yet the house in the gun fire's path never shows any bullet holes or damage.

Trust us. This is how bullets sound.
In "Dr. No," when the patrol boat fires at Bond and Honey, you hear the bullets ricochet even though they're firing into the sand.

Bonus Movie Trivia:

Why didn't Sean Connery pose with the iconic Walther PKK on the posters of "From Russia With Love?"

The prop master forgot to bring the gun to the photoshoot

What are your favorite Hollywood gun mistakes?

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of movies have guns in them?

From 1985 to 2015, PG-13 movies had three times more depictions of gunplay than before, while it accelerated twice in prime-time TV dramas from 2000 to 2018.

How do they fake shooting in movies?

There are five steps to filming a fake shoot in a movie, including blocking, lighting, rehearsing, tweaking, and filming.

What gun has been in most movies?

The most common guns used in movies are Heckler & Koch MP5, FN Hi-Power, Walther PPK, M60 Machine Gun, .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson 29, M134 Mini Gun, M1911, Desert Eagle .50, AK-47, and The Beretta 92FS.