Rifle Peep Sights: How to Improve Your Vision? (Ultimate Guide)

Rifle Peep Sights: How to Improve Your Vision? (Ultimate Guide)

Posted by Ranger Point Team on Dec 27th 2021

Peep sights work by being a small aperture that you look through. The peep sight is attached to the back of a rifle and allows you an improved view - without having to take your eye off the front sight / point of impact .

People who use peep sights on rifles tend to enjoy an enhanced level of vision as well as better accuracy. Simply looking through a peep sight has been found to improve vision by about 5 percent , and this number increases if peep sights are used regularly. This improvement in vision has greatly benefitted hunters who hunt at dawn and duskPeep sights are becoming more popular by the day, especially on lever action rifles, because of the easy installation and more accurate field of vision, as compared to other sights. If rifle peep sights are new to you, it's advisable to give them a shot before you completely write them off as something that doesn't work in your favor.

Read ahead to find out more about how peep sights help in not only improving your vision, but also your overall shooting experience!

Over the years: Peep sights for improved vision

In the early days of peep sights, hunters used peep sights on rifles to help them shoot more accurately in low light conditions. Peep sights were found to be very helpful in hunting during twilight hours when the game was most active but the sun had not risen yet or had already set. The aperture in a peep sight collects light and amplifies it as you look through it, which improves your ability to see your target in dim conditions.

People have long known peep sights to improve vision, so peep sights on riflesare widely used across the world. This improvement in vision is especially useful when aiming at targets during low light-time, or hunting during twilight hours.

However, although peep sight installation on rifles is becoming more popular than ever, some shooters are still hesitant to use peep sights because they've never tried them before or do not understand how peep sights work and how they improve vision.

How do peep sights improve your vision?

Rifle peep sights greatly improve daylight vision, as well as work well in low light conditions - which has helped many shooters hit their mark with greater ease than ever before. Peep sight usage is becoming more popular every day among rifle owners who would like an easy way to improve their ability to see targets when shooting at night or in twilight hours.

The benefits of installing peep sights on your rifle are many and varied, but the ability to see your target more clearly in low light conditions is one of the most important reasons to install peep sights on your rifle.

Peep sights also don't obstruct the target as much as other types of rifle sight due to their sleek design and peep sight installation is easy to do. Additionally, the wide field of view that peep sights offer makes it easy for shooters to follow the action and keep track of their targets.

Even in low light conditions, peep sights will help you see the target more clearly so you can make that perfect shot. Some good examples of peep sights are the Marlin 1894 peep sights and  1895 peep sights.

The merits of installing peep sights on your rifle:

1) Peep sights don't magnify the target like telescopic sights do, which can be a benefit or a drawback depending on the shooter's preference.

2) Peep sights don't require batteries to operate as telescopic sights do.

3) Peep sights handle recoil better than telescopic sights do.

4) Peep sights offer a wider field of view than telescopic and prismatic sights.

5) Peep sights are easy to use, even for beginners.

6) Peep sights are an excellent choice for all types of competitive shooting.

7) Peep sights work well in low light conditions, making them perfect for hunting at twilight hours.

8) Peep sight installation is simple and easy to do; and they work on many different types of rifles without needing tools for installation.

Moving ahead, let’s get a better insight into how to use a peep sight on a rifle, and what’s the way to pick the best fit.

How do I pick the right peep sight for my rifle?

1) Determine the peep sight aperture size you need for low light (smaller) or full light shooting (larger).

2) Decide on a peep sight mount style that will work best with your firearm model and shooting preferences.

3) Determine peep sight windage and elevation settings to align with your front sight..

4) Check customer reviews of peep sights from reputable brands to ensure quality is up to par before you buy.

5) Once you have chosen the peep sight that you want to purchase, make sure to measure the size of your rifle's existing rear sight aperture and order a peep sight that is the same size or larger.

6) If your rifle does not have a rear sight aperture,  choose a peep sight with a built-in aperture ring that fits the diameter of your barrel.

7) Some peep sights come with interchangeable aperture rings in different sizes for shooters who want to customize their sighting system.

8) Follow the manufacturer's instructions for peep sight installation.

9) Test your new peep sight at an outdoor shooting range before taking it on a hunt. Sight in your rifle with the new peep sight to make sure the shots are landing where you expect them to.

Wrapping up

At the end of the day, peep sights are a great choice for shooters and work to greatly improve their vision when shooting in low-light conditions. Whether peep sight installation is right for you depends on your preferences, but you're sure to go home with dinner if you've installed peep sights on the rifle you're using.

Moreover, peep sights are a great way to improve your vision when shooting in low light conditions, and they offer several other benefits that make them a better choice than other sighting systems. Whether you're a hunter, shooter, or gun enthusiast, peep sights are worth considering as an upgrade to your rifle.

Happy Shooting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are peep sights necessary?

Some shooters find peep sights very helpful for acquiring a target quickly, while others prefer the open sight picture of a low variable scope on their hunting rifle. Ultimately, it's up to the shooter to decide what type of sight picture works best for them.

How do you adjust peeps?

Peep sights can be adjusted for windage and elevation in order to get them aligned with your front sight and shooting on target. Windage is adjusted with the side screw and elevation with the top screw. Once the screws are loose, you can move the sight up or down to adjust it to your liking. Be sure to tighten the screws back up once you're done adjusting the sight and add a little blue loctite to hold them in place.

Why can't I see through my peep sight?

When you're looking through a peep sight, the small hole should be crystal clear. If it's not, then it's likely because the hole is dirty and needs cleaning. To clean it, use a cloth or a paper towel to wipe any dirt or debris that may be blocking it.

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