Posted by Ranger Point Team on Jan 18th 2023

If you’re in the market for a new AR-style tactical lever action rifle, M-LOK is a term you’re likely to run across. But, what is it? M-LOK is an attachment system that allows you to add an accessory to a rifle or other firearm such as a bayonet or spike, sling, lights, lasers and even IR (infrared) illuminators.

Back around 2015, Magpul developed a standard called M-LOK. The company’s goal was to: (a) maintain a rigid standard so end users would be assured of compatibility across brands; and (b) make the system affordable for other manufacturers to adopt the standard.

To accomplish this, the company took two innovative approaches to M-LOK. The first was the physical characteristics of M-LOK, and the second was a patent and licensing process designed with the shooter in mind.

So our M-LOK forends have precise slots cut into the handguard. Any M-LOK accessory can attach with mounting hardware that locks into the slots.

All M-LOK accessories uses a screw with a T-nut to attach to the rail. You simply align the nuts with the slot and then turn the screw 90˚. The accessory is now securely mounted to the M-LOK forend.

In addition, you can buy strips of Picatinny rail that can attach to the M-LOK slots, allowing you to direct mount accessories designed for M1913 rail.

Magpul patented the M-LOK technology. Rather than charging a licensing fee, Magpul offers free licenses to any company willing to comply with the standard. This allowed Ranger Point Precision to adopt M-LOK and incorporate it into all of our tactical handguards, adjustable butt stocks, cartridge quivers, and any future accessories. For our customers, that means they can use any and all accessories on the market that use the same M-LOK specification.

So in summary, 

- M-LOK was developed by Magpul to offer shooters a more streamlined means of attaching accessories;

- M-LOK is made up of long, narrow slots that can accept accessories held on with M-LOK mounting hardware;

- M-LOK-compatible accessories, like our cartridge quivers, feature screws with a T-nut that lock into the M-LOK slots;

- An M-LOK forend, such as our Gen 2 handguards or Costa Ludus Handguards, can give you a slim, trim and light handguard;

- With M-LOK, you simply attach accessories where you need them.