Lever-Action Rifle and All You Need to Know About Firing It

Lever-Action Rifle and All You Need to Know About Firing It

Posted by Ranger Point Team on Jan 26th 2022


Lever guns are fast! Shooting fast impresses bystanders and can be a great skill to truly master. The Marlin rifle, despite its age, is built for speed.

But how do you become quicker on a Marlin?

Tips For How to Hold, Aim, and Shoot A Lever-Action Rifle

Get Your Support Hand Right

Your support hand, or off hand, on the forend is most responsible for your power and control over the rifle.

  • Have a strong grasp. Almost crush the forend grip.
  • Use your large arm and shoulder muscles to really pull the gun towards you and keep it from lifting off during recoil.
  • DO NOT lock your elbow or shoulder. This will just tire you out.
  • When switching from target to target, use your support hand for large movements, then your firing hand for find and precise movements. Get both arms working together.
Slap The Lever After The Shot Is Fired

Don’t overthink it.

  • Push out as hard as you can and let the lever be stopped mechanically.
  • Try to avoid short-stroking or trying to swing back before you feel a stop.
  • Just use big, powerful, almost mechanical motions.
Maintain Your Cheek Weld

Keep your cheek glued to the butt stock:

  • You gain a lot of speed during splits by keeping it planted.
  • You never lose track of your sights and can shoot as fast as you can stay aligned.
  • You eliminate wasted motion and accuracy becomes more consistent.

And lastly, mind your posture. Keep your elbows bent downward, don’t chicken wing. Keep your firing hand thumb parallel with the tang so it can slip off easily.

These are the essential building blocks for achieving fast shooting action with your Marlin. With practice, you’ll get to know your firearm’s little quirks and be able to adjust to increase shooting efficiency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many rounds can a lever-action rifle hold?

A typical lever-action rifle can hold anywhere from 4 to 10 rounds. Some models may be able to hold more or less, depending on the size of the cartridge (e.g. 45-70 govt versus .357 mag).

How far can a lever-action rifle shoot?

Most lever-action rifles are best suited for short to medium-range target shooting and hunting. In general, though, most lever-action rifles will fall somewhere within the 150 to 300-yard range.

It’s important to remember that the effective range of a rifle is different than its maximum range.

What is a lever-action rifle?

A lever-action rifle is a type of repeating firearm that uses a lever to load fresh cartridges into the chamber. It's one of the most popular types of rifles in the world, thanks to its simplicity, reliability, and versatility.