A Recipe to Cook Venison Meat

A Recipe to Cook Venison Meat

Posted by Ranger Point Team on Aug 19th 2021


Do you have venison meat from your hunt stuck in your freezer that you keep forgetting to cook? Well, it’s time to take out a roast and try this easy recipe you can cook at home or over a campfire.

Recipe: Easy 5 Pot Roast

  • 5 pounds (or less) venison rump roast
  • salt and pepper
  • flour
  • cooking oil
  • 5 whole potatoes
  • 5 whole carrots
  • 5 whole onions

Heat a little oil in a pot or dutch oven. Salt and pepper the roast, then dust it with flour. Brown on all sides. Add a cup of water, cover tightly, and steam the roast for three hours. Turn the meat from time to time and add more water if needed.

After it is more or less tender, add all the vegetables and another cup of water, along with a little more salt and pepper.

Bring to heat, cover, and simmer for another 30 minutes, or until vegetables are done. Put the vegetables and meat onto a heated serving platter.

Make gravy with the leftover pot liquid, thickening with flour if needed. Pour the gravy over the meat and vegetables and serve.

Note: Other vegetables can be added, including celery, turnips, or mushrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are three methods of cooking venison?

The easiest way to make your venison from tough to tender is to cook with braising, slow-cook, marinating, and pressure-cooking methods.

How long does venison take to cook?

It depends on the method you are using, but generally, it takes 30 minutes or until the vegetables are done.

How long can you marinate venison?

You need to marinate venison for at least 4 hours, but it would be great if you marinate overnight for around 8 to 9 hours.