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Role of Hunting in Increasing Familial Bonds and Keeping Traditions Alive

Role of Hunting in Increasing Familial Bonds and Keeping Traditions Alive

Posted by Ranger Point Team on Aug 19th 2021


The Easter weekend tends to be important for all hunters, including those who don’t celebrate Easter’s religious meaning. That’s because we’re raised in family values much more deeply than other people through our hunting traditions.

When we’re out in the field, our cell phones are off, and we’re tuned into Nature instead of Facebook and mind-numbing games. We get to unplug from technology and reduce mental stress.

What We Learn From Hunting

Traditional Family Values

We learn many of our traditional family values during the hunting season. While we’re out in the field, we watch the sun come up, and the forest comes alive in the morning, with another family member close by sharing the experience with us.

Safe Gun Ownership

We learn the value of safe gun ownership and the damage it can cause. We accept the responsibility of handling a firearm, and we learn about the vital role our hunting community plays in the conservation efforts for the animals we hunt.

Sense of Belonging

As families and friends, we gather out to deer camp, congregating in a group of like-minded individuals where we feel trust and a sense of belonging during our early years. Out on the field, we feel loved and supported by our parents and elders. These family traditions give our kids the strength and stability they need to meet life’s challenging culture outside of hunting. Yet, so few children are growing up with an interest in hunting these days.

Some of it’s due to the misguided ideas of what hunting is about and the emotional reactions to gun violence in our country. Very few activities teach the values of responsibility, safety, and appreciation of the natural world like hunting does.

How to pass your hunting knowledge to the next generation?

While you’re visiting your family this Easter season, remember how strong and confident growing up in a hunting family made you. Help keep the traditions of hunting and the family values it brings with it.

Go shed hunting as a group. Walk the trails looking for where the animals are and teach the younger ones how to track. Go fishing. Hang around the campfire and share the hunting tales.

Final Thoughts

Spring is a great time to teach a youngster how to hold and shoot a gun. It’s also the perfect time to talk about the next big hunt.

We’re here to help you make sure the traditional family values keep getting passed down. As a hunting family, we consider you as family too.

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