Bob Munden’s Life At a Glance

Bob Munden’s Life At a Glance

Posted by Ranger Point Team on Aug 19th 2021


We're not going far back in history today to recognize a man who's a hero to many gun enthusiasts today: Bob Munden, an American exhibition shooter.

Early Life

At age 11, Bob competed in a fast-draw competition in the Southern California desert. As a teenager, Bob began setting world records that stand to this day.

Unhappy with the way factory-built revolvers were handled, Bob learned gunsmithing. He made modifications to his guns’ stock works to make them shoot faster and handle more smoothly. This is what most of his fans and students know as "Munden's Six-gun magic.” Bob had an appreciation for the extreme skill involved in drawing and shooting with truly radical speed.

Bob met his wife, Becky, at a fast-draw competition. After their two daughters’ births, they decided to develop their own show and monetize Bob's shooting career. They traveled the United States, demonstrating their fast shooting skills and trick shooting. During the shows, they also educated the public on what the west was really like.

So, do I like Cowboy Fast Draw? Did Roy Rogers have a horse named Trigger? – Bob Munden

Truth About Gunslinging

The face-offs in the streets that our movies portray are more fiction than fact.

Gunslingers in the Old West could not draw and shoot their guns quickly because stock, single-action revolvers were not designed to handle fast cocking. The holsters in those days were designed to protect the gun from elements and hold it securely, meaning they could not pull it out with any great speed.

People really did lose their lives in the Old West’s wild days like they do in the movies. Just a gunslinger didn't allow their opponent to draw first.

Bob and Becky advocated for rules calling for the use of real equipment and separate categories within Cowboy Action Shooting and Cowboy Fast Draw. This helps keep the competition fair.


Cowboy Action Shooting, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, and Cowboy Fast Draw keeps growing in popularity. Participants dress up in authentic costumes of the Old West characters and use single-action revolvers, lever-action rifles, and double-barreled or early-pump shotguns.

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