Our aftermarket Marlin and Glenfield lever action parts work with the newest Ruger and Remington serial # rifles as well as are backwards compatible to work with JM serial # rifles built as early as 1950. 

Our comprehensive collection of Marlin & Glenfield Rifle parts is meticulously designed to elevate your firearm's performance. Our Marlin rifle parts and Marlin firearm parts, among other accessories, cover various models back to 1950, including the legendary Marlin 336 30-30, Marlin 1895, Marlin 1894, and Marlin 39A.

Product Specifications: Crafted with precision, our Marlin accessories ensure quality and longevity, guaranteeing reliable performance.

Compatibility Information: Tailored to fit specific Marlin firearm models: 1895, 336, 444, 1894 and 39A, our Marlin 336 tactical kit seamlessly integrates with your rifle.

Safety Guidelines: Prioritize safety by adhering to recommended guidelines when installing and using our parts for a secure and enjoyable shooting experience.

Warranty Information: Rest easy with our warranty, assuring the quality and durability of our marlin 30-30 accessories

Upgrade your Marlin rifle with confidence. Explore our selection today.