Ranger Point Precision Announces New Fiber Optic Rifle Sights

Ranger Point Precision Announces New Fiber Optic Rifle Sights

Posted by ADMIN on Jan 15th 2019

Ranger Point Precision’s  new front fiber optic rifle sights utilize intelligent design and quality material to deliver the brightest and most robust sights on the market, while presenting a finer aim point than competing sights. New fiber optic front sights work great with any rear sight including our CloverLeaf rear fiber optic peep sights and integrated picatinny rail sights

Houston, TX – January 10, 2019  PRWEB RELEASE– Ranger Point Precision, a leading innovator and producer of performance parts for pistols and rifles, today announced the availability of new fiber optic front sights for rifles that are exceptionally bright with a fine aim point, have an elegant and robust design that protects the light pipe, and fit any rifle with a standard 3/8" dovetail barrel cut or front sight base (Marlin Firearms, Remington, Savage Arms, Henry Repeating Arms, Winchester Repeating Arms and more).

Fiber optic sights have long been popular, thanks to their ability to collect light and provide a bright, fast point of aim. In rifle sights, fiber optics are tough to beat. However, they have not been without their drawbacks. Traditional fiber optic front sights have been delicate, often losing their light pipes at the worst moment. They also present a frustratingly coarse point of aim, and seem to wink out just as that deer arrives on the scene at dusk.

An industry-wide search for the best and brightest fiber optics turned up light pipes that exceeded our expectations. Combined with our extra long light path design, these optics are exceptionally bright. Even on an overcast day, they appear to be artificially lit, and they continue to provide a visible aimpoint until the last lumen of daylight has faded.

Intelligent design and quality material resulted in our new front fiber optic sights having a robust post that provides great protection for the optic rod, while presenting a finer aim point than competing sights. We're confident that once you try our Ranger Point fiber optic front sights, you'll never settle for anything less.

“True to our tradition of innovation, Ranger Point set out to build a stronger, brighter front sight with a finer aim point. We believe the result will be the new industry benchmark,” said Adam Devine, CEO, Ranger Point Precision.

Key Features:

- Robust construction--heavy sight posts are CNC machined from bar steel and black nitrided for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Optic rods have outstanding protection.

- Triangular peaks and .040" fiber optics provide an extra fine aim point for precise shooting.

- Superior fiber optics coupled with advanced design affords a brighter aim point than any other sight on the market. Fast acquisition and true dawn to dusk utility.

- Elegant, sloped design presents an attractive, snag-less profile, while recessed rod ends virtually eliminate the most common cause of optic rod loss.

- Drift installation into the front ⅜” dovetail provides solid security. Some lapping on the bottom may be required for fitting.

- Will be available in two heights: .350” sight ramp setups and .500” for direct to barrel sight dovetails


About Ranger Point Precision

Ranger Point Precision (RPP) is a family owned and privately held  firearms parts manufacturer located in the Houston area in Cypress, TX. Founded in 2012 by President/CEO Adam Devine, the company has grown from Adam’s passion for firearms and mechanical engineering. Made in the USA, RPP designs unique and innovative performance parts for pistols and rifles including Marlin Firearms, Henry Repeating Arms, Winchester Repeating Arms, Steyr Arms and more. Ranger Point Precision prides itself on delivering unmatched quality products and world-class customer service. To learn more, please visit us at https://www.RangerPointStore.com or follow @rangerpointprecision on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fiber optic sights good at night?

Unfortunately, no because they can not be seen at night like tritium sights that glow in the dark. At dusk and dawn however and of course full sunlight, fiber optic sights can be very helpful because they gather and concentrate light. This means that they will make it easier for you to see your target. Additionally, fiber optic sights are typically very rugged and can withstand a lot of abuse, which is ideal for lever-action rifles.

What are fiber optic sights made of?

Fiber optic sights are made from materials that allow light to pass through them. This can be a fiber optic material, or a transparent material like glass or plastic. They are often used on rifles because they provide a clear sight picture in all lighting conditions, and they don't flare in the sun the way metallic sights can.