Points to Keep in Mind While Travelling With a Firearm

Points to Keep in Mind While Travelling With a Firearm

Posted by Ranger Point Team on Aug 19th 2021


Going on a big hunt can be an exciting adventure, but not planning in advance can ruin a great experience before you get there. Here are some basic tips on how to make traveling with your firearms go as smoothly as possible.

Basic Tips when travelling with a firearm

Always check both the airline regulations and TSA rules for transporting firearms. Follow the requirements and use the language they use to streamline the boarding process.

Unloaded firearms

All firearms must be unloaded. Make them easy to inspect (i.e., bolts removed from the bolt-action rifles).

Less than five kilos of ammunition in the original factory boxes.

Some airlines require you to pack the ammunition in totally separate locked cases.

Use an "airline approved" gun case: Check with the TSA website at tsa.gov for any requirements for gun cases, firearms parts, and ammunition.

Invest in a high Impact case

Baggage handlers can be brutal. Invest in a case crafted from high-impact polymer and research quality hinge construction, lock construction, gasket sealing, and rugged wheels. Look for companies adhering to military specifications if you want the highest quality.

Recheck accuracy

Expect your gun accuracy to be off. Have a plan to re-check your firearms once you reach your destination.

Give yourself an extra 30 minutes to fire three shots to check your firearm. Check with your host or outfitter and arrange for a safe area to do this when you schedule your hunting trip.

When you schedule your hunt, do a lot of research about traveling with your guns. Learn what gun organizations and other specialists say you should do to be safe and compliant on your trip. Follow their advice and buy the proper equipment to transport your guns.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you go through TSA with a gun?

If you go through TSA with a gun, airport security will confiscate the weapon and call the police. Depending on local laws and regulations, you may face criminal charges for possessing a firearm in an airport without proper authorization.

When it comes to firearms, the only legal way to bring them on board a plane is in a locked case checked in with your baggage, and stowed underneath the plane.

How many guns make it through TSA?

According to the latest reports by CBS, nearly 6,000 guns were found in carry-on luggage at checkpoints across the U.S.A in 2021. If a passenger is caught trying to bring a gun on board, they can expect criminal penalties and possibly even imprisonment.

That being said, the number of firearms that are confiscated by TSA has been trending upward in recent years.