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International Sales

Good news! We can now accept orders from outside the USA. We ship to 81 countries for dealers [Country List A], and 22 countries for individuals [Country List B]. 

Puerto Rico is considered part of the USA. No export licenses or import permits are required, you can order directly from our website.

In addition to buying on our website, we have a few dealers in-country:



FRENCH Dealers KJM Precision and GLF Laser 


UK Dealer Shop | Blue Fieldsports and

Australia Dealer


Canada Dealers


Step 1 Create a free EasyExport Account EasyExport takes 24 hours to review and approve your account before your first purchase.  

Step 2 Create a Ranger Point online account on our website

Step 3 Shop on our website. During checkout, our website will have you login to your EasyExport account as part of processing your order. * Recommend checking out with PayPal option which is more friendly to International orders. 

Step 4 EasyExport will let you know if you need any import paperwork for your order per local laws (e.g. Australia) and how to get it completed and uploaded before your order ships.

How fast will you get it once it ships? We're seeing 2-3 weeks to Canada and 5-6 weeks for other countries to move your package through customs to your local post office and on to you. We have no way to speed this up for you. 

* There are no returns or refunds on International Orders. All import duties and fees must be paid for by the customer when Customs contacts you. 

CANADA: New for you! We were able to get a bulk payment deal so we can pre-pay your import fees & licensing on any order up to a $400 order. Smooth sailing of your packages straight to your house. Customs CAN legally hold your order up to 3 weeks if they "feel like it" so please be prepared (they like to do this). 

Dealers should contact us before shopping on the website to get their discount added to their account. EasyExport will create your Export license and there is a $15 processing fee per order.

Individuals will be charged a $15 processing fee per order.

Below, please read for all of the details on how Ranger Point and EasyExport work together to enable legal export of firearms parts around the world.

Our Export Policies

U.S. Export Controls

United States export control regulations apply to certain products we sell. Therefore, at this time, we do not ship to every country in the world. Today, we ship our products to these countries: [Reference Country List A]

We apologize if we are not able to ship to your country today. The number of countries to which we ship will grow, so please check back in the future. 

In certain countries, we are able to ship firearm parts to dealers, distributors, other authorized businesses, and government agencies, but not to individuals. 

Import Permits

Your country may require that you obtain an Import Permit for certain products that we sell. If that is the case, It is your responsibility to obtain any import permit required by your country and upload it to your EasyExport account before we can ship out your order.

International Shipments to Firearm Dealers and Distributors, Other Businesses, and Government Agencies

We can ship all our products to firearm dealers and distributors, other authorized businesses, and government agencies in these countries: [Reference Country List A]

If you place an order with us that requires an United States Export License, please allow at least 30-45 days for us to ship your merchandise. 

International Shipments to Individuals

U.S. export controls do not apply to T-shirts, Hats, Cartridge quivers, Bore guides, Cleaning and maintenance mats, Patches, Whiskey glasses, Muzzle brakes, Scope mount rails, Iron / peep sights.

We are able to ship these products directly to individuals in these countries: [Country List A]

We accept orders for firearm parts from individuals in these countries: [Country List B]. We are not able to accept orders for firearm parts from individuals in other countries at this time.

Small Orders for Firearm Parts (USD $500 or less)

Most orders over USD $500 for firearm parts will require an export license. If an export license is required, please allow an additional 30-45 days for us to ship. We do not charge for obtaining export licenses. If we have previously obtained an export license to ship to you, the previous export license may authorize us to ship to you without obtaining a new export license.

Most orders for firearm parts with a total value of USD $500 or less do not require an export license. EasyExport will process the order legally as part of checkout. However, there is an annual limit (1 January to 31 December) of USD $6,000 on the total value of small orders that we can ship to you without an export license. After that limit has been reached, small orders for firearm parts will likely require an export license which can take 6-8 weeks to receive from the US State Department.

APO/FPO Addresses

Shipments to APO/FPO addresses are treated as exports under American regulations. We regret that we are unable to ship to APO/FPO addresses.

Privacy Policy

How to Place International Orders with Us

If you live in a country to which we ship (See Export Policies above), you can place orders on our online store.

We use EasyExport™ to process international orders for us. EasyExport requires that you register with EasyExport before you can shop in our online store. Please click here to register with EasyExport. There is no charge to register.

After EasyExport has approved your registration, you can shop with us whenever you want simply by visiting our website. We will ask you to create an account on our website and then you can start shopping. Your EasyExport account login will be required as part of checkout to process your order. 

Register at

Dealers - Please contact us before you shop so we can get your % discount setup on your account. When you login to shop on our website, it will allow you to see discounted pricing when you shop. Contact us at


When you have finished shopping and are ready to checkout, EasyExport will automatically process the items in your shopping cart. You will see messages if any items require an export license to leave the United States or an import permit to enter your country. If there is an item in your shopping cart that we cannot ship to you, you will be asked to remove it.

Your billing address and shipping address will be entered automatically with the billing and shipping addresses in your EasyExport profile. You cannot change these addresses when you shop. You can change addresses only in your EasyExport profile. If you have entered more than one billing or shipping address in your EasyExport profile, you will be able to select the correct address when you shop.

You will be required to indicate your agreement to an End User Statement before you complete checkout. Please see End User Statement below

Additionally, please note that there is a $15 handling fee for all International orders that you'll see at checkout.

Import Permits

If any products in your order require an import permit to enter your country, you must upload the import permit to EasyExport before we can ship your order. Therefore, please upload your import permit as soon as possible to avoid a delay in shipment. 

EasyExport will review your import permit and contact you with any questions. EasyExport must approve your import permit before we can ship your order.

When you register with EasyExport, EasyExport will give you access to FAQs that answer many questions about your country’s import permit regulations. If you have other questions, you may contact

We are not responsible for deliveries that are not completed due to your failure to obtain/upload an import permit or any other authorization required for you to import products into your country.

End User Statement

Firearm parts that we export are authorized for end use only as allowed by U.S. law. 

1. Products shipped to individuals, and to other purchasers who are not authorized to resell them under the laws of their country, may not be transferred or sold without the permission of the U.S. Government. You are not permitted to buy firearm parts for family, friends or other people. You can purchase these items only for your own use.

2. Products shipped to dealers and distributors for resale may be resold only to lawful purchasers in the country to which we ship the products and only in accordance with the laws of that country. Products purchased for resale may not be sold to purchasers in any other country or exported to any other country.

Dealers and distributors who buy firearm parts for resale are required to comply with resale requirements imposed by the U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). These requirements, and how to comply with them, are described in this video.

Terms and Conditions of International Sale

All international sales are subject to the following terms and conditions:

International Shipping 

Available international shipping options vary from country to country. We prefer to use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for small packages, but USPS does not carry all products to all countries. UPS, FedEx, DHL and other courier services have restrictions on what products they will carry internationally. 

We will provide tracking information after your order has shipped. Questions regarding international shipping can be directed to  

Compliance with Firearm and Other Laws in Your Country

You are not permitted to buy firearm parts, or any other items that we sell unless you are authorized to own and possess them in your country. It is your responsibility to check the laws and regulations in your country to determine that you are permitted to own and possess them.

You are not permitted to buy our products for resale in your country unless you are registered with EasyExport as a Business and are authorized under the laws of your country to resell them.

Purchasers of firearms and components are responsible for proof testing, marking and other entry requirements in their country. If products you purchase need to be shipped directly to a testing or other facility prior to delivery to you, you must enter the address of the facility as a shipping address in your EasyExport profile.

Delivery, Insurance, Risk of Loss

When we ship a package by USPS or other courier services, we will present the package to the carrier, cost of shipment paid and properly addressed, based on the address you have given EasyExport, and with other shipping information and documents in our control properly completed. Clearance of the package through U.S. Customs is our responsibility. You are responsible for all costs in your country and for clearing the package through Customs in your country. We are not responsible for deliveries that cannot be completed for any reason or for delays in delivery after we have presented the package to the carrier. Risk of loss transfers to you when we deliver the package to the carrier. 

If actual shipping charges are greater than the amount that we have previously charged you, you are responsible for the increased amount. If actual charges are less than the amount we have charged you, we will refund the difference.

We do not obtain insurance for shipments less than USD $250.

Duties, Import Taxes and Charges

You are responsible for all duties, taxes, import fees, and other charges imposed by your country.

If you are from one of these countries [Country List B], your EasyExport account dashboard contains information about duties, import taxes, and other charges in your country. 


All international sales are final. We do not allow returns of products shipped outside the United States.

We do offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers all manufacturers’ defects. Please review our [Warranty Policy].

Suspicious or Illegal Activity

We reserve the right to refuse to accept or ship orders for any reason that we determine appropriate. Either we or EasyExport will report suspicious or illegal activity to the appropriate legal authorities.

Force Majeure

We are not responsible for delays in shipment or delivery resulting from inability to obtain an export license or other governmental authorization, natural disasters, disease, government orders, acts of war, or extraordinary events beyond our control.

Legal Disputes

All legal disputes will be resolved in the state of Texas or federal courts with jurisdiction in Texas and Harris County where our headquarters in the United States are located.


Country List A

Entire EasyExport Service Territory – 81 Countries



Czech Republic



Antigua and Barbuda



Saint Maarten
















South Africa




South Korea



New Zealand





St Kitts and Nevis





Bosnia and Herzegovina



















Trinidad and Tobago

Cape Verde







United Arab Emirates




United Kingdom

Costa Rica


Saint Lucia




Saint Vincent and the Grenadines







Country List B

Firearm Parts Can be Shipped to Individuals in These Countries – 22 Countries








New Zealand









United Kingdom





Czech Republic