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Henry X 357 Costa Ludus Black Multicam Lever-Actions


Henry X .357 Mag / .38 Special COSTA LUDUS BLACK MULTI-CAM (100 LIMITED RUN) 

These Henry X 357 rifles come with a special RPCOSTA serial # and are built with the following: RP Costa handguard rail system, adjustable butt stock, and an M-LOK eight cartridge quiver and butt stock accessory panel. Louthan Gunworks has done a complete action job to smooth things out including to install a RP trigger kit, quick takedown butt stock, and lever screws along with our comet brake which makes recoil negligible. Practical Innovations rail scales, hand stop, and a three round quiver on the forearm and their lever loop paracord wrap. Finally, every rifle comes with a high-end Vertyx Scabbard Bag.

Ranger Point and Louthan Gunworks worked together with Chris Costa's input to  design a special 100 rifle run of Henry X 357 rifles in black multi-cam. There are only 100 of them serialized RPCOSTA 001 - 100.

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